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Dr. T. Michael W. Halcomb holds 4 degrees in biblical studies and has published a number of books. He has published in a number of scholarly journals and has presented around 40 papers at academic conferences. Michael was selected to be a John Wesley Fellow by AFTE (A Foundation for Theological Education) in 2012. He has taught at the Evangelical Theological College in Ethiopia and has over a decade of pastoral experience in a wide array of ecclesiastical contexts including inner-city church plants, rural country churches, and suburban mega-churches. Michael is also the founder of the Conversational Koine Institute where he teaches ancient Greek using an immersive approach.

Degrees Earned

Doctor of Philosophy | Ph.D.
Biblical Studies, New Testament Focus

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies | M.A.B.S.

Master of Arts in Linguistic Theory & Typology | M.A.L.T.T. (In Progress)

In addition to getting in touch with Michael via the "Contact" link, you can also connect with him on a variety of social media platforms. You can also read and follow his blog and purchase a number of his works by clicking on the appropriate links above or below.

Master of Divinity | M.Div.

Bachelor's Degree: Double Major + Minor
Major 1: Bible
Major 2: Youth & Family Ministries
Minor: Preaching

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Blog used to be primarily a blog. In 2014, however, it was transformed into a website with an internal blog. All of the new (and forthcoming) blog posts, as well as those that date back to 2007, when Michael began blogging, can still be found and accessed by clicking HERE. For other projects by Michael, such as the Conversational Koine Institute, Music, and Apps click the respective links below."


The Arts


If you've ever wanted to learn ancient/New Testament Greek, the Conversational Koine Institute can help!

Check out some of Michael's music! Besides, how many New Testament scholars do you know who make hip hop albums?

Michael has created a number of Android apps, many which deal with New Testament Greek. Give 'em a look HERE.

My Works

Below you can find links to various print/video/audio resources that Michael has created/published.

Some Publications

Audio/Video Resources

Mission Statement

Check out and subscribe to Michael's weekly "Get Greek! Podcast" HERE Michael has created a great video series titled "Start Here! Grammatical Foundations for Students of New Testament Greek (A User-Friendly Video Series), which you can download and purchase HERE You can hear books and portions of the New Testament read aloud in dramatic form in Koine Greek by Michael HERE

My mission is to advance the Kingdom of God by living out and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through developing creative, innovative, edifying, accessible, and affordable educational resources. I am deeply committed to God's church as well as to academic research and scholarship and not only strive to be the best I can be in both, but to also consistently hold the two together. I want my family to know me as passionate and caring; my friends to know me as loyal; my colleagues to know me as studious and friendly; and by my students as fun, easy-going, and someone they can trust and count on. Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel.


the contact form below is one way to get in touch with Michael about things such as CKI, scholarship, etc.

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